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Mobile Vitamin IV Therapy is the ultimate way to boost your health and wellness on the go. Imagine being able to receive all the benefits of a traditional IV drip from the comfort of your own home or office. With our state-of-the-art mobile service, we bring the IV drip to you!

Our team of highly trained medical professionals will administer the IV drip under the supervision of a licensed physician, ensuring the safest and most effective treatment possible. The IV drip is customized to your specific health and wellness needs, with a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients tailored to your body's unique requirements.

But that's not all! Mobile Vitamin IV Therapy is also incredibly convenient. No more waiting in crowded waiting rooms or taking time off work to visit a clinic. With our mobile service, you can receive your treatment at a time and location that is convenient for you.

So why wait? Start feeling your best today with Mobile Vitamin IV Therapy. Trust us, your body will thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IV?

IV therapy is also an effective method to boost health and wellness. Infusing vitamins
and fluids can improve your immune system and promote general wellness through hydration. A
Licensed health professional must put an IV drip into the vein, allowing IV Vitamins and fluids to
flow directly into the bloodstream. Our registered nurses provide IV hydration services by
providing a special blend of electrolytes and vitamins to help your body recover from hangovers,
dehydration, food poisoning, jet lag, and anti-aging benefits, among others.

What Does the Process Look Like?

When you book our IV therapy, our physician will start by assessing your current
condition to determine the type of vitamins and the amount of IV fluids you need. Once the right
IV Treatment is determined, we will confirm your desired time and location to receive your
Vitamin IV Drip. The next step will be when our nurse arrives to your location, where they will
being to prepare the IV bag, answer any questions you may have, and disinfect the injection site
before starting the IV Drip. You should not experience any pain. The Nurse will remain by your
side until the end of your treatment. After your appointment, you can expect someone to check
up on your experience and ensure we have surpassed all of your expectations.

What kind of IV Vitamin Therapies does IV Pros provide?

We offer ten unique IV blends, each tailored to meet all of your desired outcomes. We also customize each IV based on your specific needs and medical background. This means that you can improve your overall wellness by targeting your individual needs.

What goes into the IV Infusions?

The only ingredients of our IV Infusions are a combination of the following Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids:

Vitamins – B-Complex / B6 / B12 / Biotin / Vitamin C / Glutathione / NAC / NAD+

Trace Minerals – Copper / Sodium / Magnesium / Zinc

Amino Acids – ALA / Arginine / Citrulline / Glutamin / Lysine / Ornithine / Taurine

Who Administers my IV?

Our IV Drips are always administered by a registered nurse!

How long does the IV Drip process take?

The entire process will take between 30-60 minutes from start to finish

Where do I get my IV?

Our Concierge IV Infusion Services are administered at your home, hotel, or office by a registered nurse.

Can I choose the date and time of my IV?

Absolutely. Our easy-to-use ordering form will allow you to pick a specific date and time – that works best for you. Our nurses have a one-hour time window to arrive at your location.

How much does it cost?

All of our Vitamin IV Drips start at $299. Prices are based on bag size; 250Ml – $299 / 500Ml -$349 / 1000Ml -$429

Should I eat before IV?

We ask that you eat prior to your appointment time. It’s important to keep your blood sugar levels up so you feel comfortable during your treatment.

How often should I get IV therapy?

How often you get IV depends on your own personal goals. We will happily take time to discuss your goals and make our recommendations.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Contibute to the Health and Well-Being of Our Communties by Providing the Best Care to Every Patient Through Integrated Clinical Practice, Education and Research.

Our 3 Promises

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* Above All else, We Are Committed to the Improvement of Human Life.

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